Sacred Little Ones - We Will Make a Path for Our Children College of Menominee Nation, Keshena, Green Bay, WI
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  • Sep. - Wild Ricing
  • Oct. - Harvesting - Feast (drying, dyeing, gather med.s, native foods)
  • Nov. - Month of the elders (7 Grandfather teachings, hunting, invite to share the game, tanning)
  • Dec. - Traditional crafts (making and repairing items)
  • Jan. - Storytelling (storytelling festival, astronomy, clan system, tribal government)
  • Feb. - Winter activities (sports- snowsnake, snowshoeing, ice fishing, tracking, games- moccs., dice)
  • Mar. - Maple Sugaring – Feast
  • Apr. - Sturgeon ( learn dances, water, renewal, spear fishing)
  • May – Lacrosse/Chaha/dances-powwow